TDN: Weathering the Storm: Kerry Cauthen

While many questions regarding the Coronavirus pandemic remain unanswered, and with a stock market experiencing extreme volatility, there is continued uncertainty as to what could happen in our industry over the next few years. But many people in the industry have been through such ambiguity before. We sought the advice of industry leaders who successfully made their way through the Great Recession, and we asked what they learned from it and how they will use their experiences to advance through the coming years.

KERRY CAUTHEN, Four Star Sales 

Looking back on the way the Recession of 2008 played out and how Four Star weathered it, I feel like I learned quite a few business and life lessons from that time. Some of those that I think will help us again are: having faith in yourself and your team, remembering that you are not alone, and that oftentimes the end result of big change is innovation. That last one doesn’t mean we would ever want to have something like this happen, but since it is here, there really is no way to go but forward.